Addressing Archives: Women, Diaspora and Filmmaking



The forum, Addressing Archives: Women, Diaspora, Filmmaking will be held by Trans: Asia Screen Culture Institute,Korea National Univ.of Arts (Sep.30-Oct.1, 2021). The forum is dedicated to Park, Sunam, Zainichi woman filmmaker in Japan, journalist and activist. Since 1963, she has been active with publishing a book titled Guilt, Death and Love(1963) that inspired Death by Hanging(1968)by Oshima Nagisa. She has committed herself to the issues of A-bomb victims, enforced labor victims during the colonial period, comfort women, student war veterans, the survivors of Okinawa battle and continued making documentaries.The forum consisted of Cine-talk with Park, Sunam on the first day ( Sep. 30) and two panels (0ct. 1) will look back on her achievements thinking through her films like Another Hiroshima- The Song of Arirang (1986) and The Silence (2016) within the framework of transnational memory and alternative historiography in conversation with the cinematic, image and archive of political specificities.