Cultural Studies in Singapore Conference

27 July 2021 (Tuesday)

The formation of Cultural Studies through the late Stuart Hall is one that articulates culture through its instances, contingencies, and rooted in its historical specificities; culture as an articulation and activation by those who reside within. He envisioned Cultural Studies as cultural work, to be engaged by academics, public intellectuals, and cultural workers, who draw and map across various levels of society’s conditions, in order to address the questions and provocations of its times.

The Cultural Studies in Singapore Conference is a first undertaking of its kind as we attempt to identify and address the questions and provocations surrounding culture and its conditions in Singapore. Is there such a thing as Cultural Studies in Singapore? How is culture imagined in Singapore? What is cultural research and what are the cultural questions that occupy the ways Singapore, in its various levels as city, community, country, articulate its culture? Who are the cultural workers and what are the methods and media through which they active cultural work? How are their preoccupations reflected in work on policies, community development and outreach, and civic engagement?

As a field of study that engages in both inter-disciplinary and inter-discursive methods and approaches, Cultural Studies gathers across multiple levels of engagement and discourse. In centering this conference on ideations and expressions of cultural research and work, we aim to gather from a diverse range of voices and practice on what is culture in Singapore.

We would like to invite all scholars and practitioners (authors, filmmakers, artists, activist, etc.) whose work reside under the banner of ‘cultural work’ in Singapore to submit for the open call. Any scholar or practitioner who is practicing in Singapore, and who is researching on topics related to Singapore are welcome to apply.


Format: Hybrid (Virtual/Singapore)–Zoom, in-person, pre-recorded presentations. Delegates are invited to present virtually. The keynotes will be live-streamed and where possible, live in Singapore. Socially distanced and hybrid plenary presentations will take place at National University of Singapore.

Submission format: individual papers, panels, roundtables.

Abstract submission deadline: 05 March 2021 (extended)

Conference Convener: Prof Audrey Yue (National University of Singapore)

Conference Committee: Prof Chua Beng-Huat (National University of Singapore), Associate Professor Daniel Goh (National University of Singapore)Visiting Professor Chen Kuan-Hsing (National University of Singapore)

Conference Manager: Nurul Huda Rashid (National University of Singapore)

Conference Contact Email:

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