IACS Graduate Conference 2013

Cultural Studies Transcending Borders: Shifting Perspectives in Asia

Date: 1st and 2nd July 2013

Venue: National University of Singapore, Kent Ridge Campus

Organizers: Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Society, Asia Research Institute, and Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, NUS

Submission deadline: Jan 1st 2013 – online submission of abstracts

Announcement of accepted papers: Jan 15th 2013

Email: iacs.gradconference@gmail.com

This year, the Inter-Asia Cultural Studies conference is hosting a two day graduate conference before the main session starts on the 3rd of July. Our objective in doing so is to provide graduate students with an opportunity to present their ongoing work and to have interactive sessions with peers and faculties in a favorable learning environment.

Cultural Studies in Asia is a relatively new field of teaching and research which aims to question the traditional disciplinary classifications as well as re-examines some of the pertinent issues and concerns that are brought on by the emergence of global capitalism. Where the West has traditionally been seen as an effective benchmark for comparison, Cultural Studies in Asia aims to create a more self-sufficient field of research by shifting the viewing lens to within the region. This year’s main theme, therefore, sits perfectly in line with this new approach and hopes to bring to the table some fresh perspectives. Adopting a multidisciplinary foundation, we invite papers that offer altered conceptualizations of the flows and exchanges of popular cultural practices in contemporary Asia, across fluid and porous national and cultural boundaries.

We welcome papers that focus on any of the following issues, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Transforming societies
  • Diasporic relationships and migration
  • Re-defining ‘home’
  • Issues of gender, race, sexuality
  • Changing identities (national, cultural, political or social)
  • Popular culture: tradition vs. modernity
  • East meets west
  • Cosmopolitan spaces

Those who are interested in participating should submit abstracts no longer than 150 words along with their institutional affiliations to iacs.gradconference@gmail.com with ‘IACS GRADUATE CONFERENCE’ as the subject. We will then organize the papers into panels; where each panel will have a discussant and four presenters, with about 10-15 minutes allocated to each presentation. Please note that this is a call for individual proposals only, not for panels. Also, abstracts submitted by graduate students will not be considered for the IACS main conference, unless they are part of the panels proposed by faculty members of tertiary educational or research institutions. Therefore graduate students are encouraged to submit their abstracts specifically for this conference.

The registration fee for the graduate conference (excluding food and accommodation) will include registration for the main conference. There are food courts and cafeterias within the university premises that provide subsidized meals. Accommodation will be provided in one of the student hostels on campus for the duration of the graduate conference and the main conference for a nominal charge. Registration and accommodation fees and details will be confirmed in October.

For further information and clarification, please contact:

Photograph: Corrinne Milsom-Mann, “Roast Duck, Chinatown, Singapore”, Wiki Commons