IACS Webinar-Inter-Asia Book Launch Roundtable

IACS Webinar Inter-Asia Book Launch Roundtable to mark the publication of Tejaswini Niranjana’s new book Musicophilia in Mumbai: Performing Subjects and the Metropolitan Unconscious

In Musicophilia in Mumbai Tejaswini Niranjana traces the place of Hindustani classical music in Mumbai throughout the long twentieth century as the city moved from being a seat of British colonial power to a vibrant postcolonial metropolis. Drawing on historical archives, newspapers, oral histories, and interviews with musicians, critics, students, and instrument makers as well as her own personal experiences as a student of Hindustani classical music, Niranjana shows how the widespread love of music throughout the city created a culture of collective listening that brought together people of diverse social and linguistic backgrounds. This culture produced modern subjects Niranjana calls musicophiliacs, whose subjectivity was grounded in a social rather than an individualistic context. By attending concerts, learning instruments, and performing at home and in various urban environments, musicophiliacs embodied forms of modernity that were distinct from those found in the West. In tracing the relationship between musical practices and the formation of the social subject, Niranjana opens up new ways to think about urbanity, subjectivity, culture, and multiple modernities. MIM_Poster_JPG_small

Time: 3 pm (GMT+8, HK/TW), July 16, 2020
Audrey YUE (Moderator)
Professor of Media, Culture and Critical Theory, Head of the Department of Communications and New Media, and Convenor of the Cultural Studies in Asia Programme at the National University of Singapore.
Professor of Cultural Studies at Lingnan University and author of Mobilizing India: Women, Music, and Migration between India and Trinidad, published by Duke University Press, and Siting Translation: History, Post-Structuralism, and the Colonial Context.   
CHOW Yiu Fai 

Associate Professor at the Department of Humanities and Creative Writing, Hong Kong Baptist University. His publications cover gender politics and creative practices, including Caring in the Time of Precarity: A Study of Single Women Doing Creative Work in Shanghai (Palgrave 2019) and Sonic Multiplicities: Hong Kong Pop and the Global Circulation of Sound and Image (Intellect 2013, co-authored). Chow is also an award-winning writer in lyrics and prose.

Meaghan MORRIS 

Professor of Gender and Cultural Studies, the University of Sydney, and former Chair Professor of Cultural Studies in Lingnan University, Hong Kong. Her current research is on martial arts cinema and her most recent book was Creativity and Academic Activism: Instituting Cultural Studies co-edited with Mette Hjort (2012). 

Chih-ming WANG

Associate research fellow at Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan. He is also the author of Transpacific Articulations: Student Migration and the Remaking of Asian America (University of Hawaii, 2013) and the co-editor (with Daniel PS Goh) of Precarious Belongings: Affect and Nationalism in Asia (Rowman and Littlefield, 2017).

IP Kimho 

Ip received his Doctoral degree in 2004 at the University of Edinburgh, UK. He is fellow of DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) in 1997. In 2011 and 2014 he has been invited to be Research Fellow at the International Research Centre, Interweaving Performance Culture at the Freie Universität Berlin, Germany. His research in intercultural performance has been supported by the Scottish Arts Council and the Confucius Institute for Scotland at the University of Edinburgh. He is currently Associate Professor of Practice at Lingnan University, Hong Kong.

KIM Soyoung
Director, Trans: Asia Screen Culture Institute;
Professor, Korea National University of Arts;
President, The Association of Korean Cultural Studies (2018-2020);
Author of books on cinema, gender and colonial modernity including Cartography of Catastrophe (2014, Korean);
Editor of 10 volumes of the history of Korean Cinema (2013-2019);
Filmmaker of Women’s History Trilogy (2000-2004) and Exile Trilogy (2013-2019);
Korean Cinema in Global Contexts (Amsterdam University Press, forthcoming).

Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Society
Editorial office of Inter-Asia Cultural Studies: Movements
Cultural Research Centre, National University of Singapore 
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