About Us

The Inter-Asia Cultural Studies project
Since the late 1990s, the Inter-Asia Cultural Studies project has worked towards the imagination and possibilities of diverse forms of intellectual integration in Asia. Besides publishing intellectual work produced out of Asia since 2000, the IACS has also organized various activities to contribute to the interaction of scholars working in and on Asia, including four major conferences held in Taipei, Fukuoka, Bangalore, and Seoul. 

IACS Society
In 2004, the IACS Society was formed in response to meet the growing demand of younger intellectuals to expand the scope and scale of IACS activities. In 2011, the Society began registering members, held its first formal general assembly and elected a board and advisory board, marking the Society’s transition from a loose network of intellectuals to an institutionalized international society.

IACS Society is registered in Hong Kong under the name Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Society Limited.

IACS Society Board

IACS Society Board (2023-2025, elected July 2023)
Roberto CASTILLO (Treasurer)
Yiu-fai CHOW
Anneke COPPOOLSE (General Secretary)
Sharmani GABRIEL
Holly HOU
Keewoong LEE
Madhuja MUKHERJEE (Vice Chair)
Kristine REYNALDO (Institutional Representative)
Andy Chih-ming WANG (Chair)

Past Chairs
Audrey YUE (2019-2023)
Tejaswini NIRANJANA (2015-2019)
Meaghan MORRIS (2011-2015)

List of previous IACS Society boards