Research Internship Opportunities in Taiwan


Research Internship Opportunities in Taiwan

“The Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Global Network” is a program through the Ministry of Education which supports international students coming to Taiwan for short-term visits and research. This program will provide each international student a scholarship for 2-4 months as well as short-term courses, individual research, and/or field internships. International students who participate in this program will be awarded a monthly scholarship of NT$ 10,000 and will receive consultation with local professors. The International Program in Inter-Asia Cultural Studies in the University System of Taiwan (IACS-UST) will serve as a platform to connect students with related departments of humanities and social sciences at the three partner universities (NCTU, NTHU, and NCU) in the University System of Taiwan, at which they can attend courses and conduct individual research.

Details of the program
1. The visiting period is 2-4 months: Two months for a Summer Internship to conduct individual research, or 4 months of courses.
2. Each international student will be assigned an advising professor. In addition, a learning partner will be arranged by his or her advising professor to assist with independent research, information-gathering, and field internships, or to participate in courses and attend seminars.
3. Independent research and field internships include: Taiwan Film Institute, Taiwan Film Digital Archives Databases, Taipei Fine Art Museum, Museum of Contemporary Arts, Taipei, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Avant Garde Galleries, social movements, and the media (print media and Internet media).
4. The program will also foster interaction with the local students and other international students.

Application Details
1. Apply online. Three times each year:

Apply Internship Admission Announce
April –May August-September June
August-September November-June October
December-January May-September February
  1. There are four research clusters (Critical Theory and Asian Modernity, Contemporary Thought-trends and Social Movements, Gender/Sexuality Studies, and Visual Culture) in NCTU, NTHU or NCU.

For the application, please click here.

If you have further inquiries, please contact Ms. Huang, Chin-Wen:
Phone: 886-3-5712121*58273