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Keynote Speech:

“Dynamics of Asia and the World in the First and Second Globalization and Alternative Globalization Movement”  by Cho Heeyeon (Superintendent, Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education)

Plenary Sessions: 

1. Worlding Inter-Asia


  • Meaghan Morris (Lingnan University)


  • Tejaswini Niranjana (Lingnan University)
  • Gaik Cheng Khoo (The University of Nottingham)
  • Rob Wilson (University of California, Santa Cruz), “Worlding Asia:  Asia/Pacific/American/Planetary Convergences – Some Themes & Tactics.”
  • Soyoung Kim (Korea National University of Arts)


  • Earl Jackson Jr. (Chiao Tung University)

2.Social and Political Movement: Inter-Asian Legacy

  • Wondam Paik (Sunkonghoe University)
  • Wang Xiaoming (Shanghai University)
  • Noer Rachman (Presidential Staff Office, Indonesia)
  • TBA

3.Youth and Social Movement

  • Hyunmee Kim (Yonsei University)
  • Mouri Yoshitaka (Tokyo University of the Arts)
  • Ho Sik Ying, Petula (University of Hong Kong)
  • TBA

Panel Sessions

Full day 09:00 – 17:30 for three days (Fri, 28 – Sun, 30 July)

* 90 minutes per session. 3 sessions to be held on one day.

Please click here to download tentative conference program.

 2017IACS Tentative Conference Program 


Special Programs: TBA